to start I can not taste anything ,, like bread and any meat , vegetable , any thing has no flavor to me they all taste the same ,, so I go by my wife's taste ..
I was making cranberry wine from berry's that were given to me ..
,, I had her taste the juice that I am getting ready to start fermenting,
and the wine , I just got done making and is setting (well the wine is 12% ),, she can not tell the juice from the wine ..
she said they both taste like a good juice .. And she does not drink much wine,, and never has drank much ..
I drank a glass of it ( wine ) and you do not feel the alcohol in your mouth or in the tummy , until about 4 to 5 min then you feel it in your tummy , a little bit, then it starts sneaking up on you .. you don't realize how much you drink til it sneaks in on you ..
this is made with 18 pounds of cranberry for 4gal 3 qt of wine . but man every one likes it