My wife, Anne, and I made this video today, March 30. I am getting ready for three three-pound packages with queens to arrive Monday, April 1, with the weather forecasted to be cold for three days. Sure hope my bees will be able to use the sugar water that I'll be offering them.
This is a feeder that will sit on top of the top bars allowing the bees to access and get gallons of sugar water from one end or pollen and/or dry sugar from the other end.

You will notice that my hands shake quite a bit in this video and my other two Youtube videos (installing bees in hive) from last year. The neurologist said it's caused by old age; all my doctors blame anything/everything that goes wrong with me on "old age". When I was younger and smoked, they blamed anything/everything on the fact that I was a smoker. Can't wait to read my cause of death on my death certificate.