When it comes to commerical bee keepers, everyone seems to have a story, or know of someone who has had CCD happen to their operations. However, it seems like no one is doing anything to try to combat it, or trying to do something different to stop it from happening. And I dont get it, I mean isnt your operation your livelihood, and you would want to see something dont about it. I see a lot of commercial beekeepers that are saying that other beekeepers that suspect pesticides, or GM crops, or treatments to be at the heart of it are lying and do not have solid evidence to back this up, but we still see CCD happening. It seems that we are losing more and more colonies and we are still coming to the same conclusion: well we do not know what is causing it, so we arint going to change. Its disappointing to see this because it makes us seem lazy, or stuck in the ways that are harming our operational but also could be devastating for our future beekeepers. There is a part of China that now has to hand pollinate its main crop, apples, because they used pesticides and sprayed their crops so much that all of the colonies the beekeepers had died. Isnt this enough to point to some evidence that pesticides are causing CCD, in combination with other practices? What i am trying to ask here is why are we counting letting CCD happen and not atl east trying to pinpoint to what is causing it so we can eliminate it to save our colonies, and our livelihood.