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    Default in a swarm is there alway a queen in a ball of bees ???

    hey guys got a softball size swarm from a tree the other day , my question is , is it a sure thing that a queen is in

    the middle of that ball of bees???? reason i ask is someone told me the swarm was bigger and someone before me

    got half of the bees and i wonder if i have the better half and the one with the queen?

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    Default Re: in a swarm is there alway a queen in a ball of bees ???

    Chances are he has the queen and you have the left over scouts--unless he made a real mess when collecting, knocking bees all over the place. Scouts and leftover bees will return to the same spot and cluster anyway--they don't know what else to do and can smell the remnants of the swarm on the resting spot.


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