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Thread: Ozone Machines

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    Default Ozone Machines

    Do those machines really work? If so any recommendations as to brand/size?

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    Yep, but they are bad to breath. I don't what you want it for? I used to work in a vacuum shop years ago when they first came out. We got a huge one to rent out and started selling small ones. Me and the owners son were good friends. He bought a used car that smelled like cigarets. We put it in the car overnight and the next day the smell was gone. It smelled like the air after a bad lightning storm. They started using a small one in the store it would always give me a headache after a while. Then I started seeing articles about how ozone was bad for your respiratory system. So if you want to use it temporary to get rid of odors I would say yes. If you are talking about running it all the time I would not for healths sake. My two sents.
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