First post and appreciate the wealth of information on the site. I'm a first year beek with two hives and wasn't planning on going after swarms, but couldn't let my daughters school kill the big ball of bees. The swarm was a little over a pound hanging on a tree branch(my guess from lifting the branch which felt like 5). I used the cardboard nuc that I got my bees in this year, placed some new frames in it and coaxed the bees into it. I took it home with me which is 3 miles away and left it closed up overnight. I want to move it to our farm (23 miles away), but can't move it for a day.

My question is, do I leave them closed up or open the nuc up for a day?

I'm in So Cal and have them in a cool location with a good breeze blowing through the vents. Just trying to do what's best and not kill them.

I appreciate any help.