here is a couple pics of the swarm traps i made today.

the first and ONLY trap i hung up (about the size of a nuc) made out of siding from a cutout we did....seems to have some attention the last couple days when i have driven by to check it out. NOT BAD !!!

i decided that since we are going to all 8 frame mediums this year(actually 9 frame boxes because the plans i got from some yeehaw were wrong UGGGHHH) i went ahead and used some inventory of 10 frame deeps i had in the shop. pretty beat up anyways.

here is what i did in more detail:

-10 frame deep lang body
-broke the wedge off of 2 frames and turned them sideways (as per Michael Bush talking about)
-stapled wedges sideways on top bar and waxed them like TBH bars.
-experimented with frame placements in the traps. (2 in the middle,2 in the entrance,2 in the rear)
-cut one entrance per box. 2" round opening.
-entrances in different locations in different boxes.
-one box has some rot out so i didnt add an box i left the bottom board and reduced the entrance to about 2" on one side.
-a couple boxes have "swarm lure oil"
-a couple boxes have pure "lemon grass oil"
-each box has a couple chunks of old black comb ( no honey)
-one box is a touch smaller than the deep bodies and is made from leftover siding removed from a cutout we did a couple weeks back. it has old comb attacked to it from that colony.

hopefully it all goes well id love to get a descent amount of swarms this year. I plan an putting mostly swarms in TBH's. let them pull natural cells and see what happens.

Sam Comfort mentioned to put swarm traps in old barn windows. is out old barn. you bet your tail im gonna put a swarm trap in the window

Never mind. photos wont upload. it happened last time i wanted to upload photos but cant figure it out.