Just got back from doing a cut out from the floor of someone's shed. At first I saw masses amounts of drone and more drone brood. I thought great a queenless worker laying hive. But the more and more I got into the hive, I begin to run into worker brood. There were more drones in the hive than I've ever seen though, seemed almost like 20-30% of the bees.

As I was rubber-banding brood into frames I found quite a few swarm cells. I was careful not to damage them just incase the queen had already left. As I was checking I found a queen. I say a queen because towards the end of cutting out brood I found a few opened swarm cells. I put her in a queen catcher and set her to the side. All in all, I put 1 1/2 medium boxes of brood into boxes

I am thinking this must have been a virgin queen because they weren't flocking to her. A lot of the bees were still in the hole where I cut out the hive.

I didn't stick around to check if the bees were going to start working their way into the hive that i left. I had to get back, and the place was a 40 minute drive away.

If I have a virgin queen will they still be attracted to her, since I left her in the catcher rubber-banded next to the brood? Or should I just try to vacuum up the remaining bees tomorrow night? Can I do anything with a virgin queen?