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    Default How to fix comb?

    I just started my two foundationless langstroth hives two weeks ago and one of them is building comb that is perpendicular to the the frames.

    Should I cut it out and tie it back parallel or take it out altogether? I'm having hard time finding how to manipulate comb with thousands of stinging insects on them. A video/picture link would be awesome!

    p.s. picture was taken when the cold spell fell couple of days ago.

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    Default Re: How to fix comb?

    Fix it now or all your comb will be running perpendicular to the frames. Those combs are so small you probably dont want to completely cut them off and try to reattach. I cut just enough to straighten and then pinch it back onto the starter strip or push it onto the bottom of the top bar. New comb is nice and pliable so shorter sections that need to be straightened can just be pushed to where they need to be. The point with foundationless is you have to make them draw straight or nothing in that hive will ever be good. One strategy would be to put a frame with foundation in there to force them to draw straight, then rotate that frame with foundation out if you dont want it in said hive. Another is to put a frame with straight drawn comb in it as a guide but you'll still need to either try to fix the existing comb or remove it from the hive.
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    Default Re: How to fix comb?

    cut it off where it is attached at the top, then with big rubber bands that stretch completely around the frame,, slide the comb in the position you want it to be,, the bees will straighten it up and then chew up the rubber bands,,

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    Default Re: How to fix comb?

    Given what I see in the pic I would cut off the BAD part only. make them start again from a straight section. don't cut it all off just from where they got skewed. You could also put a follower board next to them as a guide.

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    Default Re: How to fix comb?

    I can't quite make it out properly from the pic, but suspect there is something wrong with your comb guides, and you will always have problems even after you fix this little comb.

    Can you do a pic of the comb guides?

    Also, were these started from packages? Could the queen cage be causing a problem, if so remove it.

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    Default Re: How to fix comb?

    I would do it the way rwurster described, have done it this way and it's worked, including adding a frame of straight drawn comb if you have it.
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