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There is another aspect of packages that I don't quite understand. Some package sellers charge more for one shipped over pick up. Seen as high as double the prices but mostly around a 50% increase and you still have to pay for shipping charges. Why such a drastic increase in price for a shipped package over one thats picked up?

Disclaimer: No judgement being made just would like to be better informed.
Once again not speaking for others.....

Here are some of our reasons:

1. Most shipped packages (ups) are small orders which means more work per package: Less secretarial work. less labeling, less complaints in general BECAUSE THE BIG ORDER FOLKS TEND TO KNOW A LITTLE MORE WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

2. Higher risk involved when the packages are not cared for by the producer or the purchaser. (TIME IN TRANSIT ISSUES)

3. In order to keep our success rate high we custom build the shipping boxes with lots of amenities for both ventilation, damage prevention, and numerous other types of bee loss's
a. This is neither cheap from either a time or material expense comparison as opposed to the regular old "packages"

4. Our shipped price includes a nightly trip to visit the UPS planes in either Sacramento or Oakland. We hold on to them till they "have to leave"
No handing them over to a driver. This eliminates the losses in the truck, distribution center and the second truck going to the plane.

5. A dozen other reasons to long to list.

Shipped packages may or may not be more expensive in the big picture. They are certainly can be more convenient for the customer in many situations.

For those who need to drive 100 miles one way to pick up a small order our service through UPS is right on track when all your true costs are included. On the other hand: If you live in bee country and want 100 it would be insane to pay the expenses that UPS requires to get them there promptly.

Like everything else in life people must weigh the cost vs benefit vs risk assessment and go from there.