The first dado I bought was a wobble type....not my cup of tea.

With the purchase of a few used tools, I have a couple of 6" dado stacks.

I also have an 8" stack (carbide tips) that I bought (I think around $50) that is a bit nicer (the wooden box it comes in makes it look better than it probably is).

I've also been upgrading things in my shop, trying to make everything fence and PAL's for the table saw, new speed control for the shopsmith, etc.

In any case, the 8" doesn't cut a flat channel...which drives me nuts.

We have a localish (15 miles away) custom blade shop that has top notch sharpening equipment. For $50 they will grind/sharpen the whole set together to give me a flat cut.

Any thoughts on this money well spent, or am I much better off buying a $100-$200 quality dado stack?