My budget is very small. I purchased the cheapest band saw I could afford, a Craftsman on sale. It was less than $100. It worked, but just barely. Still having the same budget, but needing my band saw to perform much better, I did some research and discovered there were band saw blades made with carbide teeth. For about the same cost as the saw itself, I purchased one. I've recently been using it to cut frame components - wow. It makes my cheap Craftsman band saw cut like a dream. No more wandering cuts, cuts are smooth, accurate and quick. I don't need to replace the blade every week with a new, sharp, one. It is always sharp. Its one small con, is that its kerf is more than a typical steel blade, but that is more than made up for in the accuracy and smoothness of the carbide blades cut. Very little sanding would be required to have a nice finish, if what you were making needed such a finish.

At the same time, I also purchased a new fence, an 18" Pro Grip Clamp and Universal Fence. I also got the Pro Grip 90 Degree Head, which helps to ensure the fence is quickly and easily aligned properly. Conveniently this fence is easily moved to and used on my $90 table saw, which I use primarily as a cut-off saw, cutting longer pieces of lumber to length.

With these few accessories I have been able to get excellent performance from both my cheap band saw and cheap table saw tools, they would otherwise be considered pieces of junk.