I'm not sure if there's a perfect time to move bees to a totally different location miles away, but it is what I am considering due to the fact that I have some feral Florida bees in my backyard which are a bit on the hot side. It is a top bar hive and they are a STRONG bunch. (yes, I know I could re-queen, but I don't really want to. I want to keep their survival traits going, but away from my kids and neighbors out on a friend's farm)

However, my concern is this:

It is springtime and I can tell the hive is going through some changes/preparations.

My main evidence of this is that there are many drones taking orientation flights.

By moving the hive, would this fully interrupt any preparations they are making to reproduce/swarm, etc?

Some of you would probably welcome such an interruption, but I would like to know all the possible repercussions before I make such a drastic move.

And, on top of everything else, I was considering doing a split with the hive based on what I find inside over the next week. Of course, I would have to find stores of honey and plenty of swarm cells and/or eggs/brood.

In Florida, these hives expand quickly, especially during this time of year, and this hive is rather on the small side, so a split is probably in order, regardless if I move it or not.