Hi all,

I have a question about a nuc I hived into a 10 frame Langstroth. First, I have a thick skin so if I did something stupid, tell me! I want to learn. No need to be mean but I do enjoy a direct answer.

I am in zone 8a and the past week we have been in the 40's in the day and in the 30's at night. Both hives are in full sun from 8 am to 3 pm. Both hives are in one deep and two mediums. I am planning on cutting the deeps down to mediums when the weather warms consistently. The first hive has bees pouring out and in and times there is an amazing traffic jam. The other hive was a nuc that I hived into a 10 frame Langstroth. Before I hived it it had a bottom entrance and was quite active. When I put it in the 10 frame I wanted a top entrance so I put two deeps on a SBB and then put another two mediums on top of them. I used an inner cover and migratory cover with shims for top entrance and blocked the bottom entrance.

My question concerns the bees flying. I did not notice many, if any, leaving the hive from the top entrance today or yesterday and the other hive is constantly flying. Should I be concerned? They have to know there is a top entrance because they went in the top when I moved them last week. So will they figure this out?

Thanks for any help!