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Have you done a cost analysis on 2 or 3 jumbos compared to 1 9-5/8", and multiple supers? To me it makes sense not having as much equipment to haul around. I run all deeps, and personally don't like having to use multiple boxes.
I have but didn't write the figures down and keep them, so off of the top of my head I don't remember. It is cheaper to build a dadant size box and frames then it is to purchase a lang. the dadant is 30% larger in volume, so you can basically say you need 30% less equipment to produce the same amount of honey. You can purchase standard top and bottom bars and just make the side bars which save time. All you need to make the side bars is a table saw with dado, a jointer/planer and a bandsaw. The bandsaw can be eliminated and just the table saw used, but it wastes more material.