Taking the plunge into bees this year. I have 2 packages being delivered on April 6. I want to make sure that I have everything that I will need to establish the hives. I'd hate for it to get to that day and be missing something critical.

So this is what I have for each hive

Firm base made of cinder blocks, these are level side to side and drop less than 1/2" back to front to allow water to run out.
Screened bottom board, sides and bottom have been painted but not inside
3 medium boxes with wooden frames. Each frame has foundation. Outside of boxes have been painted.
inner cover, not painted
Telescoping cover, outsides painted.
Entrance reducers
Boardman type feeder and jars that will contain sugar water closer to package delivery time.

For me, I have a hive maintenance jacket with hood, smoker and fuel, and 2 different hive tools. I've decided that I'm too clumsy wearing gloves, so I'm not wearing those.

Is this all I need to install these bees? I've seen mention of a pollen paddy, do I need these? My instructor hasn't said anything about those. I've also heard that some spray the bees in the package to calm them. Would this just be sugar water in a spray bottle?

As a side note, since I'm using mediums for all boxes, would I still call these hive bodies? I would think so, but who knows.