Looking for some advice. I have a very weak medium lang hive--broodnest size of 1/3 of two med frames. They are having a hard time getting going while my other hive has started to explode the last few days. This weak hive was a swarm from my original hive and queen is most likely the original so going into her third year. Didn't treat for mites either so they were also weakened to start--large hive originally (broodnest filled one med) but winter bees died off fast in Jan.

So this is my plan: pinch the queen and add a package w/ a hygienic queen. I still have plenty of capped honey and empty drawn frames for them so I'm not too worried about the cool weather (pollen patty on top too).

Question: can I just pinch the queen 24hrs prior to adding the package and add the package directly w/ the caged queen or should I do a newspaper combine w/ the weak hive and package?

If latter I assume I put the weak hive on top of the hived package--which would still be on fully drawn comb w/ stores. Should have an upper entrance for the weak hive as well, correct?

Thanks all.