I am new to beekeeping and this will be my first year to give it a shot. I went ahead and built two beehives over the winter and have purchased two packages of bees that will be here on April 27th!! I'm really excited to start this new hobby.

My biggest concern right now is where to place my hives? I live in a suburb of Salt Lake City so it get's really cold in the winter, and my lot is only about .25/acre. So I only have a few choices as to where to put the hives. My main concern is that the sun doesn't hit my yard until about 10:30AM because I live up on a hill. And then I have some trees that will block the sun in most areas of the yard. So how important is it that my hives are in the sun considering where I live and the climate here?

So here are my two choices of where I can put them. Which one sounds better?

1. Set up in a corner against a fence that faces South and the sun will hit them from about 10:00 AM to about 2:00 PM. They will then be mostly shaded by some trees for the rest of the evening.


2. Set up against a shed facing South and the sun will hit them from about 11:00 AM to about 6:00 PM.

Am I over thinking this? I just don't want my new bees to die during my first winter because I put them in the wrong place?

Any advice would be awesome.