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    I've tried baggies, hive top, bucket and just recently, jars.

    The hive top was alright, but another bulky item to have laying around when being stored and also an added cost. Baggies are great in a pinch, but need a shim to use this method, or an extra empty box. I used 2 gallon buckets last summer/fall and they worked good, but the sugar seemed to eat the rubber seal and they turned out to be short lived and again needed an extra deep body to cover.

    I recently bought and used one gallon frame feeders with the cap & ladder system, they are awesome and if needed I will use them in all my full size hives. Very few dead bees at all.

    I also converted my nuc tops to include a hole for jar feeding. But instead of using a 2 7/8" hole saw bit, I just used my jig saw set on a slight angle and cut the holes out, this way the jar "wedges" in naturally as the hole is narrower on the bottom. I also use 3/4" plywood for all my tops. And I only poke 3 holes in the jar lids.
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