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Thread: Bee Brief Nucs

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    I would like to start trying to rear some queens this year and am looking for options to use a mating nucs. In addition, I would like something that the new queens can be left in for a while. I also like the idea of being able to use full size frames. Was looking at the Mann Lake web site and came across the "Bee Brief Nuc". Has anyone used these and if so, what are your thoughts.


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    Jeff, I have been growing nucs on for overwintering and am mating the queens in 5 frame nucs and then adding a second level to overwinter in. I think it would depend on the volume of queens you intend to produce. If you are just producing queens for yourself my method is OK, but if you intend to produce for resale the method is heavy in equipment. I also made up some "queen castles" (a hive body divided into 4), and they work OK but get filled up quickly.

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    I have six Bee Briefs used two seasons. You could have them cheap. PM me if you are interested.


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