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    Default What are these ants and do you have trouble with them?

    I have placed 2 new hives on some property for the 1st time last Tuesday, they are package bees and have pollen patties and sugar water inside the hive. These ants were trying to find a way in on one of the corners of the hive body. I guess I over looked a small, very small gap between the lower hive body and the super that closes in the feeder. The ants were ganged up around that corner wanting to enter but the bees were buzzing inside when I walked up and took at look at what was going on. I brused them off the hive, light silicone the small gap and put the legs of the hive stand in water until I get something else to fix the problem.
    Here they are eating a dead bee that was kicked out of the hive.

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    Default Re: What are these ants and do you have trouble with them?

    Camponotus sp. Possibly Camponotus americanus. They are carpenter ants. Generally the bigger ants are less of a problem once the hive gets established. The bees can actually fight the big ants and win. The smaller species of ants it where we get some trouble. The bees have a hard time fighting the smaller species of ants. After a while those carpenters may actually help you with cleaning up parasites that fall out of the hive such as mites and beetles. The carpenters may make a small satellite nest in the inner cover but it shouldn't cause any problems, if anything it might actually help keep hive beetles and wax moths away.


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