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    Default To requeen or not to requeen?

    The hive i'm a bit concerned about was and is our strongest hive. It swarmed and the swarm ended up changing it's mind and going back inside the hive, so i split them. The split is doing fine and the old queen is being her super productive self, but the other hive is down to very little brood. They did make another queen but i wasn't able to find her today so i'm not sure if she mated yet. I didn't see any eggs so i dont believe she's laying yet. Should i buy a mated queen? this hive hasn't had a laying queen in about a month now.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Default Re: To requeen or not to requeen?

    I'm facing the same thing. I caught a huge swarm APR 10, probably 10-12# of bees. After 10 days on drawn comb I saw no eggs or larva. I added a frame of open brood from another hive, 4 days later ( APR 24) I had queen cells being drawn. Twelve days later MAY 6 I opened the hives expecting to see ripe QC's to discover they were gone, so I added a another frame of open brood. Still no eggs or larvae. May 9, I take a peek and see a QC forming. Today May 21 I saw one opened QC, one capped QC, and one opened from the side. I guess I have a virgin queen now, 41 days after hiving the swarm. I still can't imagine what happened to the old queen- I got ALL of the swarm??? To answer your question- I would add a frame of young brood for insurance and see what happens.


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