There are so many future beekeepers getting packages and worrying about the weather. The cold may kill your bees and you might have to buy more. What I need is a free source for bees. My latest endeavor was to volunteer my labor to the busiest beekeeper in the East Texas area. I told him I would help him with five eradications in the hope of getting bees for the hive I built. Yesterday he called me about one, but had help and little hope of saving the bees. This time he was being paid to use a bucket truck (cherry picker) to cut into a roof on a very expensive home. As much as he hates it, sometimes he has to also be an exterminator. The bees in my area (south of Dallas) had a short winter and are already swarming. I just need a swarm rather than an established colony that would have to be cut out. I'll cross my fingers you have better weather if you will do the same for me to get a good swarm.

Do any of you know a better way to get cheep or free packages?