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    oh, ok, now I get it! Even better idea
    "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."

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    In this example, the sponge holder house 2 small baggies zip loc feeder with the wick sticking out at the top. They are zipped at the corner end with the wick sticking out and the plastic is stabled so that the bees cannot go inside the bag.
    The 2 pics show the syrup all used up. But the baggies still holding their shape.
    Since the zip loc baggies so thick they will not leak at all. You can see a clear separation from the inner and outer bag. Yes, the sponge holder is acting like a frame feeder. Big or small to hold the syrup is up to you to expand. A gallon or quart size baggie is possible to use in this set up.
    The outer bag prevent the syrup from leaking, in case. The small inner zip loc baggie prevent the syrup from leaking also. So a double insurance is formed just in case. This is just to show in a clear picture for all to see. So far no bee has been drown yet. I will expand to a gallon size baggie tomorrow so the
    syrup not run out too fast. They are growing in population now and very hungry. These are the 3 frame nuc box with a new virgin queen inside each hive.
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