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    Question Is neon green or yellow clothing interesting to bees?

    My husband and I hived our first bees today. They mostly left him alone, but maybe two hundred seemed far more interested in my green sweatshirt than their new homes. They would also coat my yellow gloves, and follow me around 20 yards from the hives. What gives? Is it an offensive or interesting floral color to honey bees or do they simply investigate some individuals more than others? The only other thought is I may have possibly gotten some lemongrass oil on my gloves/clothes.

    BTW - this hobby is so cool already I almost can't believe it's legal!

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    Default Re: Is neon green or yellow clothing interesting to bees?

    It is more likely that they are interested in a scent than pastel clothing colors. If you did have lemngrass oil on you that could easily account for their interest. If there was no lemongrass oil on you then it could be some other scent that makes you smell different than your husband. Perfume, lotions, deodorants, shampoos, etc, the possibilities are endless.
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