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Thread: Hive Beetles!?

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    This is my second year beekeeping, I started with 4 nucs last spring and lost 2 to wax moths during the summer. I just inspected my 2 surviving hives for the first time since early last fall, in one I saw one beetle, didn't bother me much, thought that one beetle was no big deal. The other hive I only saw 1 live beetle, but the bottom board had probably around 100 dead beetles along with the other accumulated junk that builds up over winter. I was wandering what I should do with this hive, there is frames of honey and brood in it and there seems to be a decent amount of bees. I didn't see any damage but then again I don't much now what I am looking for. Any help would be appriciated

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    I'm a newbee so you can take what i tell you as so. Beetle are a concern to me because I almost lost a hive to them last year. You can use boric acid with sign material to make beetle jails. I have the screen bottoms with trays of oil on my hives. The one that was infested with beetle larvia had a screen bottom beetle trap on it. I will try the boric acid trick that the fat bee keeper has on youtube.

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    I have been doing good with few bettles until this year. I think im going to try the cd case and roach gel.


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