Apivar® is a Varroa Bee mite treatment in the form of a rigid polymer strip impregnated with Amitraz.

Previously, Apivar was not available in some/many states, unless your state had approved a Section 18 emergency registration for the product. However, all of that has changed as of a few days ago.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been reviewing the registration for Apivar® in an expedited manner and has formally issued a Section 3 registration for the product. Arysta LifeScience was notified on March 11, 2013, of the conditional approval of Apivar® under a registration number of 87243-1 and will be undergoing registration review. As such, individual states will no longer have to file for Section 18 registration of the product.

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In the US, Apivar is available from Mann Lake:
and possibly other vendors.

Here is the manufacturer's web site:

I am not endorsing this product, and I have never used it. Of course, it was illegal in TN until a few days ago. But for those who wish to use Apivar, its good to see the regulations much simplified.