Looking for some help with my 2 hives. I am going to call my mentor to ask some questions, but I wanted to come on here as well. I have asked a bee person, and will reveal his answer towards the end of this post.

I started 2 hives back on 4/31/12, they were both packages from Dadant and did well thru the summer. However, one hive filled a med. super box with capped sugar water, and I left it there for them over the winter. The other hive did not. Over winter both hives have survived, and in the past couple weeks with the warmer days, the hive with the med. box of sugar water has thrived, and is incredibly healthy. The hive that didn't fill their super, is not doing so well. They have plenty of food, but the bee ratio between the 2 hives is drastic. Yesterday the hive that has the filled super is VERY healthy, hundreds of bees going in and out of the entrance, and very alive. The other hive had no bees coming out They are 2 feet apart. I put my ear to the side, and could hear them in there, so they are alive, but not coming out. I am not sure what is going on in there.

The one bee person I talked to, told to me to swap the hives out. What do yall think about that? It's either that, or do they need a new queen? I do not want to lose this hive When I looked into both hives 2 weeks ago, I seen no presence of hive beetles, or varroa (with the naked eye). The one hive that filled the med. super with sugar water, well, every square inch is covered in bees, and they are very happy with themselves. Anyway, they both have solid bottom boards, but I had planned on changing them both over to screened bottom boards this spring. In a few weeks anyway. As soon as the weather permits. It's cloudy today, and they are calling for a frozen mix for the next 2 days. Then I am out of town for 3 days. So the soonest I could do anything would be next Saturday, if the weather is good.

Can anyone help me with this? We have 2 more hives that will be arriving on 4/29 and I have their stands ready to go. I can't wait to get them here, as bees are my little pets, and I love seeing them out and doing their thing.

Please help me...I feel like this one hive is on it's way out, and I don't know why. They have plenty of food, and not near enough activicty.

Thanks in advance....