Hi there, this is my first post here and my first swarm. The trap is hung about 12 feet up in a 35' ash tree in my yard. I had been noticing scout bees for about 10 days prior. I suspect this means the colony did their homework before commencing to swarm. Yesterday morning was warm and sunny, and it happens I chose to lie down under the tree to see if I could gain any information about where the scout bees were coming from. Within 5 minutes there were no scout bees left, and then a minute later I thought I heard a faint buzzing but still saw no bees. I imagined the sound was getting ever so slightly louder. Then it happened, the cloud of bees emerging through the neighbors stand of trees. The cloud was as tall as the tree. As they began to land on the box and go inside, the number of flying bees slowly diminished and within 15 minutes they were all inside, except for the continuing of flurry around the hive of about 20 bees at a time. It was very orderly actually. I wished I could have taken video, but I didn't want to run and grab a camera and miss any part of the show. It was truly inspiring to watch.

24 hours later and they are bringing in some pollen.

The trap is a plywood box similar in size to a 5 frame nuc, but only 17" long and topped with top bars from a TBH I had made earlier. I will be moving the hive only about 30 feet to its new home. I'd like get them into the new hive before they build up too much comb, as the walls of the TBH are tapered and the Trap is not. But I don't want them to abscond, so how long do I wait, - moving to location? then transferring?