The last month has been interesting.
It's been the slowest winter for business that we have ever seen.
We have some friends that own a nearby trucking company and one of their drivers injured a finger back in February.
They needed someone to help him with tarping and strapping loads so I offered to help.
The owners told me I have a golden opportunity to get a CDL with this arrangement. They don't train drivers but the injured driver could train me while I'm helping him on the road.
We are hauling with 18 wheelers using mostly side kits/tarps and low-boy step trailers.
It's turning out to be pretty interesting work and decided to try for my CDL.

I've been on overnite runs to NY a number of times already. Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Manchester, Geneseo and a bunch of other towns I don't remember.
Delivered light poles to the Battery Park renovations near Ground Zero. That was great being on Broadway with an 18 wheeler. We left at 0300 that morning to beat the traffic.
After jumping through a bunch of hoops with the state of Pa and getting conflicting information from different PennDOT employees, I got all my paperwork lined up, and then took and passed my Class A knowledge test and air brakes test.

I've been driving on private property for the past few weeks and Monday I start on the public roads.
Some things are familiar as I've been driving large fire apparatus for awhile but its definitely different with a combination vehicle vs a straight truck.

The nice thing about this job is that I will have flexible hours to work in the smithy and with the bees.