Starting another year of cutouts (2 scheduled already and there was snow on the ground yesterday!). I'm insured, experienced, and I charge. I kept the prices lower in the past because I just wanted the bees and the experience, but now that I'm doing queen rearing, and have a lot of other things going on, my base price is around $600 depending on the job. (At some point, I may bump it up even higher if I really don't want to do as much work.)

My question is about the suit. I wear boots,gloves to the elbows (sometimes going through 3 pairs), and full coveralls with a zippered veil. Something about taking a sawzall to cut the wood lathe tends to cause the bees to be more aggressive than most....

I've been stung through the suit on a rare occasion - elbow, or right at the thigh. Not a big deal. However, the suit's getting a bit worn now. I have a jacket for the initial prep work and cleanup, and wear the full suit for the real action. I would like to get another. Most suits are for strolling through the bee yard, or doing commercial work. Not leaning against a ladder or on your stomach, or pulling comb out of the ceiling or a soffit.

Any recommendations? The one I have came from Mann Lake, and I've been reasonably happy with it. I had to make some minor modifications so I could switch out veils (one is better for overhead work than others).

I've considered the EZ breeze, but don't think it would be good. Many times I'm squeezing bees against myself in between tools or tight places (have had to take out 2 hives in kneewalls) Also, my next suit must have zippers at the legs. I always wear boots (once had the elastic pull up my jeans and got stung through the socks in just a normal bee yard experience.

So, giving all that, and that sometimes I soak the suit in sweat, what would you recommend? I had thought about also having my wife add chaps type covers to the front of the legs, and at the elbows.