Greetings all! New to forum and to beekeeping.

I have a five frame setup that overwintered well in two five frame deeps. I peeked in and noticed they were packed in there and I got the feeling they were about to swarm soon. So i pulled a frame from the top box and it had half capped honey and the rest uncapped honey. On the lower edge it had some brood and several queen cells. When I pulled the frame it ripped apart one of the queen cells and she was 3-4 days from hatching, along with some other brood. This morning I noticed they were doing some heavy duty house keeping and spitting out these dead pieces of larva and pupae. Pretty cool. I added a queen excluder and a five frame shallow to give em some room and there were bees up there this morning. My question is: do I still need to pull all the frames and pinch any other queen cells or will they kill them? I figured I would give them a few days to settle down but don't want a swarm to carry off half my bees. This is only a five frame setup but I have a ten frame brood box or two. Should I move the whole hive into a ten frame? Can I split these and leave some in the five frame box? Like I said, new to beekeeping and want to do the bees right and not be greedy! Free bees sound great but I want to maintain my original strength.