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    Lightbulb venting winter moisture build up

    Since I am new to bee keeping. I have not experinced the problems that I hear of. I under stand that winter moisture buildup is a large problem on THBs. I have 2 traps out and waiting. Mean wile I am working on 2 hives if I should need them. The hives are completed all except the roofs. I am trying to solve problems before I experiance them. Has anybody ever tried building a double thickness roof. The roof would be built to have one thin layer of wood about 2 inches above the bars. I think this should be between1/8 and1/4 thick and be flat to allow the moisture to be absorbed. Then the upper roof would be sloped to allow for drainage (rain/snow). There would be an air space between these two roofs. This air space could be vented on both ends to allow the air to circulate in the cavaity thus allowing the moisture that is absorbed into bottom side the thin roof to evaperate out the opposite side. This will keep a draft free enviorment for the bees and rid the hive of excess moisture. One bar may have to be modified to allow moisture to rise above the bars. If this makes sense give me your feed back and if you think I am not crazy I may try one. This could keep hive cooler in the summer also.

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    Default Re: venting winter moisture build up

    My TBH bees propolis sealed the top bars together tightly, would make a good roof! So, I will drill holes in the sides near the top and screen them on any new hive, with corks sized to close as needed. I read that bees will seal over such vents as they need. I think your inner roof would need be more porous than wood to move any moisture through, maybe thick burlap. Just my opinions, some experience and some projections from that.
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    Default Re: venting winter moisture build up

    You can solve potential moisture problems in a TBH with an upper entrance, a la Michael Bush:

    Very simple construction, all you need is a flat board covering the bars. My TBHs are in a similar climate to yours and have done well with this style entrance/roof.
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    Default Re: venting winter moisture build up

    One opening at the top is usually sufficient to take care of moisture issues without causing a draft or losing too much heat.
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