I just came back from almonds, we took our bees on our own under 26k rig.
It is amassing to witness such a migration of bees and people that love their bees.
Some areas at the almond valleys are just packed with beekeepers and their equipment fills hotels and gas stations. I just loved it!
Anyways, at the New Mexico's beekeepers association on Facebook, there is an announcement of a possible rollover of semi full of bees on I-40

I live in Anthony NM, between Las Cruces and El Paso TX a few miles from I-10; may a beekeeper run into problems and may need a hand, please let us know, we would be glad to help out without any monetary gain. I will keep my truck with a tank full and bee suits on hand so that we can run to help you -hopefully never. I pray for good and safe travel to all; may the rumor of the turned over semi just stay as a rumor and nothing else.

Aurelio & Veronica Paez; DBA Michas Honey House
915-603-7499 -call any time.