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    Default Re: Beekeepers suing EPA

    Quote Originally Posted by deknow View Post
    If your bees are suffering because of the interaction between what the farmer uses and what the beekeeper uses (coumaphos or coumaphos contaminated foundation from a bee supplier), is it really fair (or even logical) to first blame the farmer without eliminating the contribution to the problem by the beekeeper?

    Blame the farmers ! Blame the farmers !

    no, blame Monsanto ! no, blame the farmers and Monsanto !

    oh where is the justice !?
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    Default Re: Beekeepers suing EPA

    It's a good thing the researchers, suppliers and the beekeepers aren't responsible for Coumaphos being approved, recommended and used in the hive so that we can lay the blame elsewhere

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    Default Re: Beekeepers suing EPA

    Regarding people moving between Industry and Government (except the military); Most of the higher level/policy government people are political appointees who are required to resign each time a presidential administration changes, forcing them to move out of government and into academia or industry (with most going to industry due to better pay and more available positions). When the presidential administration changes yet again, many of these people go back into government because they like the work and such appointments look good on their resume. In other words, the revolving door not only happens everywhere, it is (probably unintentionally) designed into the system.

    I would add that I think it is the paid lobbiest by which industry has too much influence over government policy. Think of the lobbying budget that Monsanto and Bayer can muster compared to beekeepers . . .

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