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Nice post Jonathan. I'm still trying to wrap my head why Monsanto gets mentioned in a Neonic thread... Just shows how confused people are on the subject. One other trend I see is people always link Neonics to GMO's which is pure folly. A lot of non gmo's are treated as well so people need to realize that as well. I for one would just like to see a meaningful study done and maybe Bayer funding some independent research done by 3rd parties.
Then you too are confused on the subject. Nobody's claiming that the GMOs (which have their own sets of problems) are producing the Neonicotinoids. What is fact, however, is that Monsanto and Bayer are quite in bed with each other. Bayer producing the neonics that Monsanto covers its seeds with. Those seeds then grow, carrying the neonics through the plant and into the pollen. Over time, those neonics become concentrated enough in the hive to cause CCD, or so goes the theory.