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    Default Re: Beekeepers suing EPA

    daniel, if those halls that you are hob-nobbing in contain both basic science researchers as well as clinical researchers, then you are probably aware of the tension that exists between them and their respective endeavors.

    i came through a similar institution and haved earned both types of degrees, and i am familar with the criticism from basic science community that is often directed toward the clinical community regarding the 'excellence' of their science.

    i believe that randy has uniquely positioned himself between academia and the real world. he is striving for applied or practical (clinical) knowledge, while factoring in the basic science.

    there is nothing 'laid back' about what he is doing.

    and unless i am a total fool, i don't see how anyone can suggest that randy is involved in some kind of propaganda campaign as javin appears to do in his post.

    it is interesting to see the back and forth on bee-l between randy and others who are more knowledgable than i on this subject. i do hope that javin will bring his criticisms to that forum and allow randy to respond.

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