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    Default homemade queen cage

    Here are my homemade queen cages. Because I did not pay attention to the plastic foundation
    I have to improvise now. I have 7 queen cells that needed to be cage in. Cute little cages that will fit over the queen cells.
    Some are my first prototype that not look too useful. The final ones are better. You think they will work?
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    Default Re: homemade queen cage

    beepro, they look good. If you are interested here is a link on You Tube for making queen cages.

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    Default Re: homemade queen cage

    These are coke bottle bottoms cell protectors. I use a leather punch to put a few holes in them so the nurse bees can get in. The queens can slip out sometimes, but it usually takes them longer to find their way out than it takes me pull them out after they hatch.
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