I'm behind, I think -- got two more telescoping covers put together tonight, that leaves one more full sized one and two bases and I've got all my boxes made for the planned expansion, although none extra. Probably need an extra deep or two and some solid baseboards and extra tops and inner covers, we had some swarms last year that would not fit in a nuc box.

I think I have enough frames for the time being since I don't plan to use my medium nuc boxes until summer splits (for overwintering), but too many are standard size and I want narrows, so I guess this weekend or next week I'll start on more frames.

Once I get my splits done, I'll have to start thinking about more boxes -- I've only got six shallows for two hives right now, and if this year is like last as far as honey goes, that probably won't be enough as one hive made two mediums of honey from a swarm -- that's more than I have boxes for for that hive right now. On top of that, I'll need at least nine more for my three new hives (two splits and hopefully a nice swarm), so I'll be busy later in the summer again. If I want four shallows for each hive, I'll need to make a dozen, plus whatever my brother needs next year since he wants more hives too.

Good thing I can get cheap scrap lumber, eh? 49 cents a board makes for pretty cheap boxes, and I can make a big pile of frames from an 8' 2x10 if I dig around in the pile a bit and get a knot free straight one.

Somehow I thought I'd be keeping bees instead of working out in the woodshop every night, but that's OK to -- plenty of projects to keep this old man off the streets.