This is my first TBH. I wanted everything to prefect and I worked to get everything right. I got the bees Tuesday, temps were 65 when I started the install. I quickly realized that the small jar feeder wasn't going to work . They needed feed and they needed it quickly! Temps were going to drop for the next few days into the 40 & 50s during the day. So I found a tray and filled it with pine needles and poured a half gal of feed into it.. I took the spacer board and drilled five large holes in it. I closed up the screen bottom board and closed down the entrance to allow them some protection from the other hives. The queen cage was hung between two bars. I want to ck on the but don't want to harm them with the cool temps. I have so many questions. How cold is too cold? Because I will need to make sure the queen has been released . How long before I can see signs of wax being drawn? Did I mess up by drilling holes in the spacer board and how can I correct this mistake... Any suggestions would be wonderful.. Thank you.