Hello, Everyone!

Just getting into beekeeping this year. I've posted the story of how I got interested in beekeeping at Beethinking.com's forum for those that are curious. In a way I guess it was another one of those "the bees pick you" stories.

I have two top-bar hives that I purchased from Beethinking and plan on going with treatment-free beekeeping. I am a member of the Ohio State Beekeepers Association and the Scioto Valley Beekeepers Association. I must say that the SVBA members have been very welcoming to my wife and I. We're probably their southernmost members, as we live about an hour south of the meeting location. We are signed up for their beekeeping class in April. We've ordered a package from one of the members as well. My wife wanted to try luring a swarm to the second hive, but I convinced her that would be a gamble and I wanted to start with two hives so I ordered a second package from Gold Star Honeybees. We get first one right after our class, and the second one in May. In the meantime we'll be putting out our hives and baiting them with lemongrass oil, just in case--we might get lucky! If so, I'll either build another hive or order another one from Beethinking.

We're really looking forward to getting started. Much to my surprise, not only did I get acceptance from my wife to start this new hobby, she is enthusiastic about it herself! We're looking forward to using the hives as a fun teaching opportunity for our grandchildren as well.

After we get used to the TBHes I'm planning on giving Warre hives a try. We'll see how it goes.