For those with windows in your TBH....which way do your hinges attach the cover to the hive itself?

Up? - so the window hinges are at the top edge of the cover (providing shade from sun, but requiring a means to keep the lid open if you cannot hold it?)
Down? - so the window hinges are on the bottom edge of the cover (which means the cover flap falls down but your hands are free?)
Or - do you have a slide-cover - set in a grooved board (think side to side slider window frame) so only part of the hive is exposed at a time?

Building challenges abound! I'm stymied by trying to figure out what would be best for the bees - and for me to see in! Realizing of course they'll likely obscure vision after a spell! That's fine by me, just so I can learn with a few seasons under my belt....