I am a brand new beekeeper (or soon to be beekeeper) in southern Illinois.

I have 4 nucs ordered, should be here in a couple weeks. They will be located off-site as the city in which I live has an ordinance against keeping hives and my wife prohibited them in our small yard, Oh well... I have two outyards anxious to have bees polinating for them.

I have all my woodenware built, painted, and staged at the ready. I am going with foundationless frames that I have trimmed down to 1 1/4" wide sides, solid bottom boards, 10 frame gear, 2 deeps on bottom and mediums above.

I am enjoying reading everyone's contributions here. And I especially love all of the different opinions and methods expressed. This little hobby sure is not cut and dried as to the "how-tos" now is it?

Thanks for helping with the education....