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    The last bunch I made (nucs and swarm traps) and the way that I will go going forward was with 1x8's and 1x12's. I ripped the edges to 30 degrees and joined them, and then added the ends afterwards (from 1/12's). I did need to make a little jig to hold the bottom and sides together and used a ratchet strap to hold it in place while I nailed and glued everything up. Jig is really not much more than a follower board attached to a board that allows me to hold everything tight. These ended up being a little wider than my previous hives but worked fine with my bars. I liked the results from this method of making the hive. My first hives were made with screws, but they get expensive fast, so I went to nails and glue now.

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    The two I have are very different, the first is 22" long by 16" wide and 10" deep, the other is 44" long and 16" wide and 10" deep. The small one has a super coming on stream in a month or so, just as soon as I find some time to make the special top bars to allow the workers access to the super..... It this works well then the big hive will get supers too, eventually.

    Hope that's not going to tread on the toes of anyone LOL.


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