Hi everyone,

I'm a newbee . I will be picking my bees up from a local store named Beekind in Sebasopol CA on April 20th. I ordered local CA bees. Here is their description of the package.

Three Pound Package of workers with Local Open Mated Queen.
Locally adapted survivor stock. These queens are daughters of queens that have been living untreated for several years in our California Coastal climate.
I have already purchased 2 deep supers, 2 mediums, a roof, and screened bottom. So far I have painted and set up one deep super to put my bees in when they arrive. I am on my second bee book entitled First Lessons in Bee Keeping but it is borrowed so I need to purchase a few of my own.

I'm setting up my hive mainly for pollination of my fruit trees. I don't really eat honey but may start if the bees produce enough extra, however honey would only be a curiosity.

I am a photographer and am excited about the photographic opportunities.

I look forward to being part of this online community!

Thanks for having me!