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    Default Just did a good inspection

    I finally was able to get into my new hive. It's been about 3 weeks since I got them. I have 2 full frames of capped brood and 3 frames of honey/nectar etc. Didn't find the queue, but I wasn't looking hard either. I finally got to see a couple of workers emerging too! Very cool. I can now see the size difference between worker versus drone. Very interesting. So far everything looks good. I did find out that a guy about a mile from me has ten hives and he's been doing this for about 3 years. So we were comparing notes. He actually has an organic nursery that he just opened and is planning on carrying some beekeeping equipment. I have been feeding them pollen patties, which I put on last weekend and are almost gone, plus I have been feeding Honey b healthy and amino B booster through a hive top feeder. No robbing can occur because the feeder goes directly in the top cover with a screen mesh preventing the bees from flying out when I change jars. I did notice that at night, way after sunset the girls tend to washboard the front landing and front side of the hive. Very weird. I did find out one thing, do not blow air directly in the hive. It ticks them off. I was trying to get them to move so I could put on the cover so I brushed them off with the bee brush. Nope don't like that either. So I gently blew on the top frames and I had about 10 jump onto my vail. My fault. As I was putting in the remaining frame I looked down between the frames and a whole bunch were lined up facing me to see if I would do anything else to irritate them. I didn't.


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    Default Re: Just did a good inspection

    Sounds like you've got a great one there! Plus an experience beek so close is a huge resource.
    Just an excited, new beek with a lot to learn. But with so much going on in the hive, will that ever change?


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