Thoughts about cells not hatching. 30 years ago I worked for a large migratory bee operation. I was trained and raised 5,000 cells annually. Grafting percent was 95% or better. Cells hatching and mating in nucs was around 90%. That was then. The last few years I am trying to raise some cells for myself in my part time bee business raising 500 cells each spring. Grafting is the same other than I need bifocals and Wal-Mart reading glasses!! My grafting acceptance is 95% or better. I put the graft into a 5 frame queenless starter box for 24 hours. Then I transfer the cells to a finish hive, queen rite and above an excluder. My cells look great. But I have two problems now, anywhere from 10% to 20% are cut by the bees before the 10th day. I put what look like good cells in my nucs on the 8 to 10 day and am only getting about 50% hatch and acceptance. Many of the cells are not hatching in the nucs. I cut open some of the cells and the queen larvae are brown or the pupa is brown and curled. Anyone having the same problems? Any ideas?

Thanks, Victor