Last year I uncapped my harvest of 1900 pounds with an uncapping fork. It was slow going. I still have 10 frames per super at present, but now most of my comb is well drawn out and I am thinking of going to 9 frames and am looking for faster option for this season.

For Uncapping:

What I really would like is a version of this I have seen different versions of this and if the beek's frame was drawn out better I could really see this system working out; It would be easier to move the frame across a blade with 2 hands that hold the frame in one hand and move the blade with the other. I couldn't find the best video of it I have seen - a russian one done outside with a heated "V" knife.
I have tried looking for write-ups of the Kelley Jiggle knife and the search results on here are not giving me enough info to tell me if people really like it or not.
I have a maxant plane, but found it heavy on my wrist, and I read of folks complaining about wrist strain with a standard hot knife. What are folks using, and how fast are they going?

For uncappings processing:

The cappings from an uncapping fork are low volume, and easy to sieve, but if I uncap with something that takes off a slice of uncappings I will need a good way to process it. I like the look of the Kelley wax separator. Does anyone have an opinion on that?

Also, the same question for capping/wax handling. What are folks using?

I have next to zero mechanical aptitude, and so any system for me has to be almost idiot proof as if it broke I would be doomed, unless I could sweet talk my wife into fixing it.

If I recall correctly my processing speed with fork and 10/20 extractor was 2 1/2 supers an hour. I am looking to improve.