I was even debating on whether or not to use a smoker with my top bar hive, but I live in Florida and the feral bees I come across tend to be a tad hot, if not completely just wanting to completely wipe me off the face of the planet. (and, oh my, may even be Africanized). Yes, I know I could re-queen, etc, but I have to work with them a bit to even undergo that operation, even if I choose to re-queen. To be honest, I'm quite fascinated with their spunk. I know they are survivors.

So, what is the best, cheapest, most readily available material to use in smokers that would tend to be on the "healthier" side for the bees, if that's even possible?

Pine needles?

Oak leaves ?

Oak sticks?

Hemp ? (I don't have any, feds - chill out)