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    Default Re: Best materials for smoker fuel

    I use pine cones dry dry pine cones, longest smoke Ive used

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    I use pine cones and needles, old egg cartons, corn cobs and junk mail. I run it all through the chipper/shredder and keep it in an old drum by the bee yard. Get some lit with a propane torch in the bottom of the smoker and then add more packing it down with the hive tool.
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    I have used pine needles. I hate them loading them is a pain literally. I switched to pellets for wood burning stoves. they last forever but are slow to light. I had heard that they traditionally use tobacco stalks in Germany. since I grow my own tobacco I actually have some of that. so I dried out the stalks from last years tobacco crushed it up and mixed it with the pellets. I now have a nice smelling long burning and easy to light smoker fuel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJW View Post
    I like pine needles with Stag Horn Sumac(not Winged Sumac).
    Sumac has a nice thick smoke. I'm also a beer maker and I was
    thinking about throughing a few hop pellets in.
    I also used sycamore leaves. I read that it had some effect on Varroa.
    It is a very harsh smoke. Coughing up a lung isn't fun.

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